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Q+A with Andrea Innocenti, owner of Lash Muse

Andrea Innocenti has owned her semi-permanent makeup business, Andrea Innocenti, based in Kensington, since 2018. She has recently rebranded and will soon be opening a 'lash' exclusive salon in Central London. I ask her about the story behind her new brand and what she has planned post lockdown!

You’ve been working in the beauty industry for over 15 years so would have seen a big shift in beauty trends during that time! What was the biggest trend in 2019 and did that play a role in why you’re moving your business from ‘Andrea Innocenti’ to ‘Lash Muse’?

Yes seeing the beauty industry evolve and growing and maturing myself within the industry has led me to this point in my career. I’ve always wanted to create something for myself, create my own style within beauty for my clients. The trend in 2019 for lashes was very much the ‘wispy’ lash and still very popular, with lots of lash artists creating their own interpretation of the ‘wispy’ lash style. I focused on creating lash styles that enhance the eyes in a natural looking way, I’ve been inspired by my own client’s and how they really want to look and feel everyday.

What’s the story behind the name ‘Lash Muse’?

The city girls of this world are busy badass babes smashing the social media scene and putting their face on show for all to see. Lashes give that little bit extra to their style, giving my clients the confidence with or without make up so they are ready for anything. They inspire me to be creative with the lash looks which suit them best. With a big love for fashion and style myself, I’ve taken inspiration from the top fashion cities I’ve travelled to and created a brand with these in mind.

Who are your biggest inspirations in the industry?

Kelley Baker Brows - iconic in the brow industry and creating a signature brow look.

Hanna Putjato - owner of London Lash Pro - one of the biggest lash brands for lash technicians and training and an incredible beauty business women.

We worked together on your branding for ‘Andrea Innocenti’ in early 2018, and I’m so glad you came back to me for your ‘Lash Muse’ branding! What’s been the most exciting thing about seeing your new brand come to life?

I love how every Pinterest board I’ve sent you with all my crazy ideas pinned you have managed to create a visual story of my brand, a clear identity of what the brand is all about and reflects my personality within the look and feel of it, you are quite frankly the best in the branding business and I wouldn’t have gone to anyone else.

We’ve created a sort of ‘60’s London glamour’ vibe for ‘Lash Muse’ – was this what you originally had in mind? Did filling out the branding questionnaire give you more clarity of how you envisioned this new brand?

I loved completing the branding questionnaire you sent, it really got my creative thoughts flowing and gave me clarity on how I wanted the ‘personality’ of my brand to come across. Creating a ’60’s London glamour vibe’ with a luxury look but keeping it fun and modern for ‘Lash Muse’.

Everything is so up in the air now with the lockdown here in the UK. How has that affected business for you and what will you be working on as soon as lockdown is lifted?

At first I was like.. Oh my god, how am I going to fill my time with not having any clients?

I then took the first two weeks just chilling out but eating healthy and working out loads which I never really made time for. I let myself relax and gave myself time to get creative in my own time. I then realised I will never have this time again to work on parts of my business I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I’m working on building my new ‘Lash Muse’ brand on social media platforms and getting the business in place so when lockdown is lifted I’m ready for the rush and having a safe place for clients to return to.

Lastly – name one thing your clients can look forward to once ‘Lash Muse’ opens!

I don’t want to say too much as it’s work in progress for now, but I’m looking forward to showing some new lash styles I’ve created so clients have more variety and chance to tailor to suit them individually.

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