• Nicole Ramson

A Word from Nicole

These are tough times for all of us; we are facing a different reality and collectively adapting to a new normal.

The next few weeks will likely be about survival for many small brands and businesses, but this new found time also presents an opportunity to re-think, re-set and create.

Do you have a business idea that you haven’t been able to dedicate enough time and energy to?

Whether you are breathing life into a project that has been neglected, or you are bravely taking the first step to building a new business, we can harness this time and flexibility to make a positive step forward.  

Chelsea Creative is here to support you on your journey, from helping you adapt and stay on top of your social media presence, to guiding you through building a brand from scratch during these uncertain times.

I’d love to have a conversation about what your branding and business needs are during this time, or provide you with some advice on where to start.

Let’s use our entrepreneurial spirit to support and uplift each other so that we can weather the storm together.

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